6 Holiday Gifts for People in Recovery

6 Holiday Gifts for People in Recovery

Shopping for someone in addiction recovery can be tricky.

Afterall, what gift says ‘supportive, encouraging, and fun’ at the same time?

Well, we’re here to tell you (or at least, drop some hints). Below, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for people in recovery that won’t end up in the return pile.

Let’s get started.

6 Holiday Gifts for People in Recovery

1. A Shared Experience

6 Holiday Gifts for People in Recovery

Although you can’t wrap an experience up with a neat bow, you can make sure that it is a very special gift for the recipient.

Not only does it allow for quality time and community, but it creates an opportunity for loved ones to try something different, have a good time, and enjoy new experiences.

Another reason this is a great gift for people in recovery? It’s totally personal. Got a thrill-seeker on your hand? Consider sky diving, hot air balloon rides, martial arts classes, or scuba diving lessons.

Got an adventurous or curious soul? A cooking class, book club, concert, show, or seminar could be amazing.

It’s the extra thought that makes the gift so special.

2. Gratitude Journal

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Much of recovery is focused on self-reflection and improvement, and many find writing and journaling to be a key component.

Find (or custom order) a gratitude journal for your friend, and they’ll have something that is beneficial in their sobriety journey, but also deeply personal.

A journal may not mean something to you, but it will be a great addition to them. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best gifts for people in recovery.

3. Instrument

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If money isn’t an option, gifting an instrument definitely is!

This is something that could be fun for someone in sobriety, as it gives them an excuse to learn (and excel) at a new hobby, stay busy, and appreciate more music in their life. Finding healthier ways to spend time is one of the practices that allow for long term sobriety.

If your friend or loved one already plays an instrument, you could even create a custom songbook with all their favorite songs, so they can learn to play the music that makes them happy.

4. Books & Movies

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If you’ve got favorite books or movies, they would make great gifts for people in recovery. There’s something special about sharing laughter, tears, smiles, and experiences in the form of entertainment.

This doesn’t have to be deep, serious, or thought-provoking (although it can be). Have fun with it!

5. Personalized Items

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Personalized items make great gifts. The recipient feels seen, cared for, and important – and it’s not a difficult thing to buy.

Maybe you create a photo album full of good memories, a playlist for special moments, or engrave an item they will use daily (a watch, phone case, desk trinket – you can get creative).

The cost of an item doesn’t convey its worth, and intent is so important for people in recovery.

6. Something They Need

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Okay, so this isn’t as fun as the others options, but sometimes it’s just as necessary.

Choosing to live a sober life is a big decision, and it impacts someone’s life in many different ways.

If you’ve got a friend or family member in recovery, and they are struggling financially with bills, home renovations, car repairs, or the like, this is where you can step in and help.

You don’t have to give them cash, but you can cover the cost of a car inspection, give them a gift card to a local home store, come or offer your services and help with home repairs.

Still Unsure About Your Gift?

Don’t be afraid just to ask what someone wants or needs. The answer might surprise you and take away some of that gift-buying anxiety.

Just remember: the best gift you can give them is to just be there, support their sobriety, and be an encouragement when things get hard.


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