The Simple Process

1 – Apply ($25 fee)

The $25 covers the background check and drug test.

2 – Approval

An interview will be conducted with our onsite director.

3 – Move In

Work with our onsite team to determine move-in date.

How it Works

1) APPLY – Fill out and submit the online application (see below) for our Scottsdale sober apartments below (or deliver a paper copy to management). There is a nonrefundable $25 application fee that covers the background check and drug test.

2) BACKGROUND CHECK – SAL uses a third-party to complete this step (non-starters are violent crimes, sexual misconduct, & terrorist activity)

3) INTERVIEW – An interview (in person or remote) will be conducted by our resident manager.

4) APPROVAL PROCESS – Once the application is approved, you will be asked to pass a drug screening test.

5) MOVE-IN – You will work with management to determine your move-in date.

6) PAYMENT – Submit the first month’s rent and security deposit. The monthly rent for our Scottsdale sober apartments depends on 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom units and ranges from $710-880/mo (fully furnished units, plus includes utilities and WiFi). The security deposit is $300.


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Have you ever lived in a sober living environment before?
Have you been through a residential treatment program?*
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If requested, can you provide a letter from a 3rd party regarding your recovery?
Convicted of a felony?
Are you on parole?
Are you on probation?
Are you committed, personally, to not drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs or marijuana?


Are you currently working?
Are you receiving government assistance or other sources of income?


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I Understand*
By clicking the box below, I am stating that I understand the following key points: If you’re committed to recovery, SAL could be a perfect fit for you.
Here are some qualities we look for in our applicants:

1. 30 Days sober
2. No MATs
3. Employed or actively looking for employment
4. Pass a background check—non-starters are violent crimes, sexual misconduct, & terrorist activity
5. Will be an active, supportive, and contributing resident to the SAL sober community

Sound like you? Simply sign your application, pay the fee, and we’ll reach out shortly*!
This application does not guarantee admission, as that is decided by the on-site SAL management team.

*Intake process from the time of application to move-in takes approximately 4-5 days (M-F), plus any delay if there is a waiting list.
Rent: $710-880 / month plus tax (includes WiFi/fully furnished) + $300 deposit
By typing my full legal name below, I am stating I have answered each question honestly. I understand that this application and contract are different than the normal processes and due process afforded by some local landlord-tenant laws. I also authorize Sober Apartment Living to conduct a background check. I have firm resolve to continue my recovery with a 100% personal commitment and passion to sober living. I will indemnify and hold Sober Apartment Living harmless from all claims, personal property damage or loss, injury, and expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees. By typing in your full, legal name, you are stating that you have read our Residence Policy and are electronically signing a legally binding document. Any attempt to impersonate or represent someone else will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Sober Apartment Living leverages https/ssl and AES 256 encryption to safeguard and protect your data in transit and while stored. Additionally, all payments are securely submitted and processed through PayPal.