Discover the Advantages of
Sober Apartment Living

SAL helps residents to build a solid recovery foundation that includes four integral pillars of support:

LifestyleProviding a Sober, Real-World Social Community

Supportive Environment – Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul

AffordabilityMaking It Work

At Sober Apartment Living, our goal is for residents to not only maintain
sobriety, but discover lasting contentment, purpose, and direction in life.



At SAL, our goal is to provide residents with a sober, real-world supportive apartment community that will help them achieve lasting recovery.

Sense of Community
Belong to a nurturing community that can change your life.

Real-World Lifestyle
Our apartment-style living is a “real-world” post-treatment living situation.

Updated, Modern Living
Tastefully furnished, recently remodeled apartments feature comfortable, high-quality beds.

Organized Resident Events
We regularly organize social events offering a critical “fun factor”.

Rules and resident obligations ensure an ongoing sober environment in which all residents help maintain a clean, orderly, and positive environment.

Gender-Specific Apartments
Each two-bedroom apartment houses four residents; if desired, individuals may transition into a single unit or a single room within our supportive program. Residences include all-male and all-female shared apartments.

Easy Transportation
Access to electric scooters and ready access to public transportation options.

Supportive Environment

Designed to nurture the individual’s mind, body, and soul, Sober
Apartment Living offers a committed, stable community where residents
can focus on finding and offering support among like-minded peers.

Trained, Live-In Managers
Those who have successfully navigated recovery themselves and are passionate to help – providing daily support to assist residents.

Community Service Opportunities
SAL managers organize and lead group community service projects, with an emphasis on those who are homeless and struggling with addiction.

Resident Group Meetings
Regular in-residence group meetings cover a variety of topics such as healthy cooking and eating and meditation.

On-Site Fitness Center
Each site offers fitness equipment as well as group discounts and training sessions with nearby health clubs, and on-site yoga classes (coming soon).

Embraced Spirituality
Enjoy learning more about a variety of spiritual outlets and resources that have been selected for their sensitivity and relevance to the struggles and needs of SAL residents.

Planning Skills

SAL communities work hard to help residents envision and plan for a
life beyond recovery.

Job Search + Career Planning
Access job search and career planning assistance that includes valuable partnerships with nearby employers.

Development of Skills
Attend skills development sessions; topics include Budgeting Your Money, Improving Your Credit Score, and Effectively Managing Your Time.

Access to Technology Center
Enjoy access to a computer, copier and printer to support your job-hunting and work activities.


At Sober Apartment Living, we believe a supportive, nurturing environment is an indispensable asset – and we want ours to also be a good value overall. Because we are a non-profit, we make living at SAL an affordable option for all folks in recovery.

Fully Furnished Apartments
SAL apartments are fully furnished including furniture, linens and all kitchen appliances/utensils/dishware.

Low Monthly Living Cost
The SAL monthly fee is a better value than the least expensive apartments in the area.

WiFi + Utilities Included
The monthly fee includes apartment residency, utilities, the use of fitness equipment, drug-testing, as well as Wi-Fi and streaming options for TV.




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Help our residents thrive. At Sober Apartment Living, our mission is to provide the lifestyle and support for a successful transition from addiction recovery to an independent life of sobriety, contentment, and productivity – creating an embracing community where individuals are not just surviving but thriving.