Top 7 Fun Group Activities for Adults in Recovery 

SAL Residents at the pool

Recovery is a journey, and finding joy and connection along the way is an essential part of the process. For many, that means taking a closer look at work styles, hobbies, and relationships. And while change can be a process, our team can help – starting with some fun group activities for adults in recovery.  

Check out top 7 activity options for a positive and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Top 7 Fun Group Activities for Adults in Recovery 

  1. Art Therapy & Creative Writing

Art therapy provides a creative outlet for self-expression and can be a meaningful way for individuals in recovery to explore their emotions and experiences. Plus, participating in group art activities can promote a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding between friends. 

And if art isn’t your thing, you might enjoy free-style writing. Creativity can come in all forms – fictional storytelling to personal narratives – and you might like this form of expression more than you think.  

  1. Group Hiking and Camping

Sometimes, it’s good to just get away – literally.  

Going on group hikes and taking quick camping trips can be a great opportunity to get active, be mindful, and build better relationships. Plus, immersing yourself in nature can provide a refreshing and grounding experience. 

Whether you’re living in our Scottsdale Sober Living Apartments or our Denver Sober Living Apartments, you’ll find tons of camping sites and trails to explore.  

  1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of our favorite fun group activities for adults in recovery because it fosters teamwork, trust, and a sense of accomplishment. Not only does this physically challenging activity promote resilience, but it can also contribute to a positive outlook on personal growth. 

There are tons of great Scottsdale rock climbing spots and climbing gyms near our sober living community in Denver, but you can always scope the area and find something that’s exactly your speed. Rock climbing is a fun way to move your body in a way that doesn’t feel like work.  

  1. Volunteering

Participating in group volunteering activities allows individuals in recovery to contribute to their community while fostering a sense of purpose and connection with others in a meaningful way. 

That’s why we encourage our residents to volunteer on a regular basis while they live at Sober Apartment Living – planning group volunteer days and projects.  

  1. Learning to Play a New Instrument

Exploring the world of music can be a rewarding and fun activity for adults in recovery because it encourages creativity, self-expression, and provides a positive outlet for emotions. 

Given some time and practice, you can even start playing your favorite songs.  

  1. Group Photography Excursions

Photography excursions is one of those really fun group activities for adults in recovery because it leaves space for mindfulness, creativity, and appreciation for the beauty in everyday life.  

Capturing moments together fosters a sense of connectedness and shared experiences. 

  1. Group DIY Projects

Undertaking group DIY projects, such as building or restoring something together, promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and a sense of achievement. And when you share a creative endeavor with others, it can be both fulfilling and empowering – not to mention, productive. 

Fun Group Activities for Adults in Recovery 

These fun group activities for adults in recovery are a great place to start if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy yourself in this next stage of your life.  

Between creative outlets, physical activities, and trying something new altogether, you could create meaningful connections, foster personal growth, and find moments of joy in unexpected places. 

And the best part? You don’t have to be good at any of it, just willing to try and enjoy the process.  

If you are in your recovery journey and are looking for a supportive environment to grow, get your footing, and establish your new sober lifestyle, you might consider living in one of our Sober Apartment Living Communities.  

Both of our locations (Scottsdale, AZ and Denver, CO) offer an environment with fun onsite activities, group volunteering and get-togethers, and strong relationship building, and more. 

Learn more about Sober Apartment Living today.