7 Reasons Living at SAL Offers the Best Sober Living Environment

7 Reasons Living at SAL Offers the Best Sober Living Environment

Sure, your recovery process will likely start with treatment, but eventually you’ll be moving onto the next step: adjusting to “regular” life again. Putting yourself in the best sober living environment is a great way to help with this transitional stage.

In case you didn’t know, Sober Apartment Living, or “SAL”, exists for this very reason.

Our community offers sober apartments for people who have recently completed treatment and are seeking a home that will support that decision. We focus on all facets of recovery – from career planning & financial responsibility all the way to having fun & enjoying life – so residents can eventually move-out with a newfound confidence in their sobriety.

Here are the top 7 reasons why SAL provides the best sober living apartments for those serious about recovery:

7 Reasons to Make SAL Your Sober Living Environment

1. There’s a focus on your mental & physical health.

Anyone who has experienced addiction can tell you that recovery is not just about giving up alcohol or substance abuse, but it’s also about rebuilding and understanding how to live a sober life without those things. Here at SAL, we give our residents time to recover mentally and physically, providing different outlets for various needs. This includes spiritual opportunity and a particular attention to general health and wellness.

Through regular in-residence meetings, for example, residents learn how to handle conflict and take better care of themselves. If they want to delve into it further or focus on physical stability, we also provide onsite fitness equipment, group discounts, and easy access to nearby health clubs.

2. SAL offers career assistance.

Here at SAL, we recognize that a healthy sober journey includes a steady job & solid work ethic. Coming out of treatment, many residents appreciate job search and career planning, as it helps them learn other valuable skills as well.

Recovery is so much more than just simply getting a job, but also keeping it and managing it well. One of the things that makes our sober living environment so great is the skill development sessions. These address topics like money management, credit score improvements, effective time management, and more.

3. Fun, sober social activities are happening all the time!

Staying sober is a lot of work and can require a ton of personal change, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Sure, we care about the more serious aspects of recovery, but also emphasize the need for a good time.

Residents enjoy regularly scheduled social events that allow them to build friendships with other sober residents and rediscover the “fun factor” that is so critical to lifelong sobriety.

4. SAL offers affordable, modern living.

Just because you’re looking for sober living apartments in Scottsdale, AZ doesn’t mean you also have to sacrifice comfort and luxury.

Our apartments at Sober Apartment Living are tastefully furnished, offering recently remodeled units for a top-tier living experience – WiFi and utilities included! Not to mention, they’re extremely affordable.

5. The sober living environment prepares you for real-world living.

It’s fair to say that most sober living homes and apartments are not intended as permanent residences, but merely stepping stones toward sober futures. However, the transition between sober living and independent living can be difficult without the right preparation.

That’s why we create an experience that is realistic to most post-treatment living situations. We want you to thrive on your own, so our community allows you to grow toward this goal.

6. Community is everything.

When it comes to recovery, we cannot emphasize community enough, both in leadership and in peers. Knowing that you have that support system to encourage you and keep you accountable is so important to lasting sobriety.

Because of that, we do our best to create a community at SAL in a few different ways. Not only are residents rooming with other like-minded individuals, but they are meeting and interacting with trained, on-site managers who are successfully navigating recovery themselves.

7. Structure is maintained.

Here at SAL, we put specific rules in place to keep your safety and sobriety a top priority. The structure is helpful for many who are still navigating life after treatment, as it always ensures a sober living environment.

Why SAL?

If you’re looking for a sober living environment that focuses on your recovery, but also on your future – this is it. SAL supports the sober journey, but it also gives people the resources they need to move on.

Get in touch today and learn how you can make SAL home.


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