Sober Apartment Living Commitment

1. SAL is committed to supporting my individual recovery, helping me transition to sober independent living where I can thrive in living a drug and alcohol free, productive, joy-filled life. I acknowledge that this principle is the basis of SAL’s “Zero Tolerance” policy, as it pertains to any drug or alcohol use, whether in or out of the apartment. Therefore, I acknowledge that if I use alcohol, illegal drugs, marijuana, or Kratom–in or outside of the Premises or the Building—I will be deemed to have elected immediately to terminate my Agreement and I will permanently and immediately leave the Premises and the Building. I will have 30 minutes to leave the Premises and the Building, but I may return to collect any remaining belongings. Anything I leave after 14 days will be donated to charity.

2. I will treat fellow residents and the SAL management team with respect and civility at all times. If I do anything that causes physical harm or endangers any fellow residents or any of the SAL management team, I will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I will be immediately removed from the Premises and the Building.

3. I will pay timely when due all amounts owed to SAL.

4. SAL has a strict no fraternization policy. Relationships between residents will result in immediate discharge.

5. Random drug testing will occur regularly. By executing the agreement and Attachment A, I am agreeing to submit to any such drug testing as a condition of residency at the Building and in the Premises.

6. Suspicious drug testing will occur when warranted, as determined by a SAL manager, from observations of my behavior or reports from other SAL residents. I will be charged for suspicious drug testing. I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to report suspected suite mates and roommates if it is apparent that they have been drinking or using banned substances.

7. I acknowledge that I must return to the Building and my Premises by curfew each night. The curfew is established as: 10:00 pm (Sun-Thurs) & 12:00 pm (Fri-Sat). I have the responsibility to report roommates and suite mates who arrive after curfew. Curfew times may be extended based on length of my occupancy.

8. I will not leave the Premises and the Building before 6:00am without approval and a slip from my workplace demonstrating I need to leave the Premises and Building before 6:00am. This policy may be adjusted based on length of my occupancy.

9. I will have my bed made each day by 10:30, complete my chores daily, and keep my Premises clean. I must also contribute to the general upkeep of the common areas of the Building.

10. I must attend weekly Building meetings covering house chores to keep the living space clean and common areas clean and presentable, and covering various other topics from “Job-Skill Training” to “Eating Healthy”.

11. If I cause any infestation of “bed bugs” in the Building or the Premises, I will be responsible for the cost of exterminating them and the cleaning of all associated materials contaminated with them.

12. I am responsible for any damage I cause to the Premises or the Building.

13. I must be working or actively looking for work (actively means throughout normal business hours on all weekdays). Notwithstanding this obligation, I agree not to undertake any swing-shift or graveyard-shift employment. This policy may be adjusted based on length of my occupancy.

14. I acknowledge that theft of any personal property or SAL property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Any violation will be grounds for my immediate removal by SAL.

15. I acknowledge that I am not allowed to smoke or keep animals in my Premises. Verified service animals will be accommodated in accordance with all laws and regulations.

16. I will support the ongoing sobriety of fellow SAL residents.

17. No one is allowed to spend the night in my Premises, and no guests are allowed in my bedroom or to shower in the Premises. No SAL resident of the opposite sex is allowed in my Premises.

18. SAL retains the right to search my room, vehicle, and belongings without notice.

Sober Apartment Living is a network of apartment complexes dedicated to helping individuals maintain and thrive in their recovery.

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