5 Benefits to Sober Living Homes in Denver, Colorado

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Are you looking for a supportive place to live during your recovery? You can end your search with sober living homes in Denver, Colorado.  

Between the beautiful mountain views, the thriving economy, and the endless opportunity for adventure, Denver is perfect for those who have just completed treatment and are seeking a sober-friendly environment.  

Let’s talk about the top 5 benefits of sober living homes in Denver, Colorado (and how these perks can specifically support your journey to sobriety). 

Here we go! 

Top 5 Benefits of Sober Living Homes in Denver, Colorado 

1. Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities 

Getting outside is good for the soul, and Denver is a great place to embrace the great outdoors. 

Explore popular trails like Red Rocks Park and Mount Evans and experience the healing power of nature in every adventure. Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. You’ll have your pick of hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and skiing options, and you’ll never have to travel far.  No matter the weather, there’s an activity for every season. 

2. Unique Eateries Worth Exploring 

Another reason to consider sober living homes in Denver, Colorado? It’s a food lover’s paradise. The city is home to an array of cool and trendy restaurants that will satisfy your cravings for culinary exploration.  

From farm-to-table eateries to innovative food trucks, there’s something to please every palate. Indulge in delicious dishes and discover new flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. 

3. Employment Opportunities and Economic Stability 

For many people in recovery, re-entering the workforce is a crucial step toward independent living. Here in Denver, the strong economy and diverse job market provide ample employment opportunities.  

Plus, if you find yourself at our Sober Apartment Living community in Colorado, our team will help you find employment in the area. After all, finding meaningful work can contribute to your recovery journey by providing structure, purpose, and financial stability. Take advantage of Denver’s thriving job market to build a solid foundation for your new life in recovery. 

4. Healthy Lifestyle Culture 

It doesn’t take long in the city to discover how much Denver residents prioritize health and wellness; this is evident in the city’s array of fitness centers, yoga studios, and healthy dining options.  

Not to mention, outdoor activity is almost a prerequisite to the Colorado lifestyle. Many sober living homes in Denver, Colorado help residents embrace a healthy lifestyle and reinforce positive habits that promote overall well-being and align well with the goals of those in recovery. 

5. Cultural and Recreational Attractions 

 One thing Denver that isn’t? Boring.  

Denver offers a wealth of cultural and recreational activities to enrich your life and keep you busy, all year long.  

The city is home to the renowned Buell Theater, where you can enjoy a variety of captivating shows and performances. If you’re a sports enthusiast, don’t miss the chance to catch thrilling games and events at the iconic Ball Arena. For a dose of amusement, Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park promises a fun-filled adventure for all ages.  

Between Denver’s museums, art galleries, live music venues, and vibrant recreational scene, there’s never a dull moment. 

The Right Destination for Your Sober Apartment Living 

Choosing a sober living home in Denver, Colorado, can offer a supportive environment and numerous resources that cater specifically to the needs of those in recovery. From its natural beauty and thriving recovery community to its economic stability and cultural attractions, Denver presents an ideal setting for individuals seeking a fresh start.  

That’s why Sober Apartment Living (SAL) has recently opened a new community in Wheat Ridge, only minutes from Denver. If you’re contemplating sober living homes in Denver, Colorado, consider choosing us.  

We’d love to chat more! Get in touch today.  

Does Insurance Cover Sober Living?

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Even though recovery should be a top priority, it can be easy to let concerns about money, treatment costs, and billing get in the way.

We’re here to address those questions head-on, so you can continue your sobriety journey in confidence.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does insurance cover sober living?” you’re not alone. It’s a question many have wrestled with as they seek the best path forward. It’s a valid concern, considering the importance of financial planning in this process.

So, let’s dive in and explore what you need to know.

Does Insurance Cover Sober Living?

Now, that’s the million-dollar question: does insurance cover sober living? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as we’d like. You see, many insurance companies do acknowledge the significance of sober living in the recovery journey. However, there are nuances.

According to the Affordable Care Act, insurances are required to provide coverage for substance abuse disorders, which would include treatment. And while a treatment program focuses on recovery with medical and therapeutic methods, sober living is not often deemed as a “medically necessary” service.

Sober living does come with a long list of benefits, though! Places like Sober Apartment Living provide a supportive substance-free living environment that supports its residents’ transition to independent, sober living.

Understanding this distinction can shed light on what your insurance may cover. The specifics depend on your insurance policy, your state regulations, and other factors.

The Costs of Sober Living

Let’s talk rent. Sober living often comes with expenses, but there are also lots of ways to handle them.

At Sober Apartment Living (SAL), we’re committed to making this choice affordable. Both of our locations in Scottsdale, AZ, and Wheat Ridge, CO offer competitive pricing to make it easier on the residents – and our sober apartments come fully furnished with utilities and even WiFi.

Beyond Four Walls: Workshops and Resources

If monthly payments are creating a financial burden, many sober living communities work with their residents to establish a steady form of income through stable employment.

Need help finding a job or managing your finances? SAL offers some great resources to equip all residents with the tools they need for success. Between career & money management workshops, job coaching, and even transportation, we’ve got your back!

Ready to Take the Plunge?

At the end of the day, sober living is a key part of the recovery process because it helps people transition from treatment to their day-to-day. Lots of sober living communities, like SAL, work hard to make this an affordable option, regardless of insurance coverage.

Stop wondering “Does insurance cover sober living?” and start asking if you need sober living to thrive and succeed in your recovery.

As our team at SAL knows very well, sober living isn’t just a phase; it’s a lifestyle. And if you’re ready to embrace it, we’d love to welcome you with open arms. With locations in Scottsdale, AZ, and Wheat Ridge, CO, Sober Apartment Living offers the perfect blend of affordability, support, and community.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a brighter, sober future and apply today!

Sober Living in Denver, CO: Coming 2024


On the hunt for sober living in Denver? We’re expanding to Wheat Ridge, CO, and our apartments will open their doors in February 2024. We can’t wait to share all the exciting things to come, since the Sober Apartment Living community is so much more than a place to sleep. Our new location will be a home base for growth, learning, and support during recovery and sobriety.

Great for those who have recently completed treatment or are simply seeking a sober environment, our community of apartments will provide space for residents to acclimate to sober living and rediscover their new ‘normal’ in life, work, and relationships.

Plus, residents will have the support of an intentional, sober community and the resources to help them succeed. From fun resident events to the development of career-building skills, we’re focused on the whole-body wellness of our residents.

Here’s what you can expect at Sober Apartment Living (SAL) in Wheat Ridge, CO:

Sober Living in the Denver Metro Area

Affordable, Fully Furnished Living

Because we understand the toll that recovery can take on finances, SAL offers low monthly living costs, making it a more economical choice compared to other options in the area. This commitment to affordability allows individuals to focus on their recovery without the burden of excessive financial strain.

Plus, SAL provides fully furnished apartments, so that is one less thing to worry about during the move-in process, as residents navigate sober living in Denver.

A Community that Understands

Choosing SAL means becoming part of a community that truly understands. Every sobriety journey is unique, but good support can make a huge difference. Surrounding yourself with people who have walked a similar path can help you navigate next steps and establish a solid foundation.

Our gender-specific apartments foster a sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals dedicated to sobriety.

Comprehensive Amenities and Resources

SAL goes beyond conventional sober living arrangements. Our community offers a range of resources to support the holistic well-being of our residents.

Amenities include:

  • Organized Resident Events: Regular social events contribute to a positive and engaging community experience.
  • On-Site Fitness Center: Exercise is a vital component of recovery, and our fitness centers provide opportunities for physical wellness.
  • Community Service Opportunities: Engage in meaningful activities that contribute to the community, fostering a sense of purpose.
  • Job Search and Career Planning: SAL partners with nearby employers to assist residents in finding meaningful employment.
  • Development of Skills: Attend sessions on budgeting, improving credit scores, and effective time management to empower residents in their daily lives.
  • Access to Technology Center: Residents have access to essential tools for job-hunting and work-related activities.

Professional Support for Personal Growth

SAL’s on-site resident managers, individuals with personal recovery experiences, provide daily support and mentorship. These professionals are committed to ensuring a clean, orderly, and positive environment that encourages personal growth and recovery.

Ready to Embrace Sober Living?

As we expand to the Colorado, we invite those seeking a supportive and affordable sober living community to explore the possibilities with Sober Apartment Living. Discover a unique environment designed to nurture your recovery journey, providing the stability and resources needed to thrive.

Check us out at:

Sober Apartment Living – Wheat Ridge
4415 Teller Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

To learn more about our upcoming location, get in touch. Sober living in the Denver metro/Wheat Ridge area is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Thunderbirds Charities Contributes $25,000 to Sober Apartment Living

Sober Apartments

June 15, 2023 (Scottsdale, AZ) – Sober Apartment Living (SAL) is thrilled to announce that Thunderbirds Charities has generously contributed $25,000 to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to provide a nurturing environment for addiction recovery and independent living. The funds will be utilized for improvements and repairs at SAL’s sober apartments in Scottsdale, benefiting individuals seeking a productive life of sobriety and contentment.

Serving the greater Phoenix area, SAL is focused on fostering a tight-knit, supportive community where residents not only survive – but thrive – in their recovery journey. Thunderbirds Charities’ contribution will enable SAL to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment, promoting personal growth and strong connections among residents.

“We are immensely grateful to Thunderbirds Charities for their generous support,” said Craig Zoellner, Chairman and Co-Founder of Sober Apartment Living. “This donation directly impacts the lives of our residents, allowing them to build a solid foundation for a brighter future. We are honored to have The Thunderbirds Charities as a partner in our mission.”

Thunderbirds Charities, with a long-standing commitment to charitable causes, has donated over $175 million to support at-risk individuals in the Phoenix area since 1986. Using the financial resources from the yearly PGA Tour’s WM Phoenix Open, they have been dedicated to extending grants to key organizations that provide critical and life-giving support for the following individuals and causes: at-risk youth & families, community outreach/quality of life and education, improving the lives of the physically and mentally challenged, and working to eliminate domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty. Their contribution to SAL reflects their dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

For more information about Thunderbirds Charities and their commitment to supporting vital causes in the community, visit ThunderbirdsCharities.org.

About Sober Apartment Living:

Sober Apartment Living (SAL) provides a supportive and empowering living environment for individuals in addiction recovery. By fostering a tight-knit, supportive community, SAL enables residents to transition to independent, productive lives of sobriety. 

Understanding & Recognizing Transfer Addiction

sober, addiction, transfer addiction, recovery

When walking the often unsteady path to recovery, it can be easy to miss a condition many are unaware of known as transfer addiction, or sometimes referred to as cross-addiction. It is important for those in recovery, and those trying to support someone in recovery, to understand the concept of transfer addiction and its potential effects on sobriety. 

What Is Transfer Addiction?

Transfer addiction is when an addict attempts to compensate for the uncomfortable changes in their addictive habits and routines. It does not mean both addictions are present at once. For example, an addict might replace a substance for a hobby such as gambling. As they continue down this path of substitution, they may not realize that these seemingly harmless behaviors have become just as harmful as their original addiction. In other words, they’ve traded one form of addiction for another without really thinking about or acknowledging it. 

How Can I Identify Transfer Addiction? 

The signs of transfer addiction vary from person to person, but there are some common signs that you should look out for if you suspect someone has developed a transfer addiction. 

  • Spending large amounts of time indulging in certain activities such as watching television, playing video games, or engaging in online activities. These could be indicators that something else is going on beneath the surface. 
  • Preoccupied with certain hobbies or interests which can lead them into financial trouble
  • Experiencing obsessive behaviors or feeling depressed when without something related to the addiction

How Can I Prevent Transfer Addiction? 

Transfer addiction can often be prevented if people take the proper steps while on their sobriety journey. The most important step is to create a foundation based on healthy coping mechanisms and lifestyle changes. This can include exercising regularly and engaging in meaningful activities such as volunteering or attending support groups. Other methods include discovering new hobbies such as reading books, painting, learning a new language, etc., all of which can help fill the void left by drug or alcohol use when trying to achieve sobriety.

Recovery is a journey to wellness — it’s all about balance. You can enjoy activities that distract from drug and alcohol use and still maintain your outlook on sobriety. Be mindful of what triggers these thoughts or behaviors so that you are aware when you need help getting back on track with your recovery journey. With the right support system and self awareness, it is possible to reach lasting sobriety without resorting back to old habits!

What Are Some of the Most Common Sober Living Home Requirements?

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Day to day life looks – and feels – very different after treatment, but that doesn’t mean independent living is an unattainable goal. It just might take some time and effort to get there! Finding a great sober living environment is key to successfully navigating this transitional time between addiction and sobriety for a couple reasons.

  1. It provides the support and resources necessary to learn how to live sober on a regular basis and be content in that.
  2. It gives people time to adjust to new lifestyles and habits during recovery.

You should know, however, that there are strings attached. Most sober homes and apartments have rules and restrictions in place to help the residents succeed during and after their stay.

Here are some of the most common sober living home requirements to note:

Common Sober Living Home Requirements (& Why They Exist)

1. No Alcohol or Drugs Onsite

This one doesn’t really need much explaining, but it is the most important rule to follow. The restrictions against drugs and alcohol often impact other overlooked items such as medicines, products, and items kept in the dorms/houses.

Keep in mind, that most places conduct drug tests onsite to ensure this rule is followed.

2. Bills Are Paid On Time

Even though residents may be paying for previous medical care or treatments, they are still required to pay their monthly bills on time and in full. Late payments are not tolerated in most sober living homes and apartments, and a late payment may cause a resident to be asked to leave.

The severity of these rules is not meant to punish, but instead, to instill financial stability and money management skills. At the end of the day, however, each sober housing staff will handle payments in their own way – including SAL. If this is a concern for you, we always recommend speaking to a representative and learning the specifics for each sober apartment or home. 

If you’re interested in learning about SAL’s payment policy, you can get in touch with the team to discuss.  

3. Residents May be Required to Work or Volunteer

In lieu of the monthly payments, many residents are required to work at some sober homes or living places – whether that be a job or a volunteer position, pending their circumstances. (See below for our processes at SAL.)

This gives them a sense of purpose & routine, while simultaneously providing a source of steady income, in the case of employment.

 4. Regular Meetings

This particular rule of house meetings, amongst other sober living home requirements, is often encouraged for continued recovery support. Not every place will require the same frequency or attendance record, but the meetings are required at most locations all the same.

5. Chores & Responsibilities

Focusing on common household chores and responsibilities can help residents learn accountability in the home & respect for others in a shared space.

The time and effort involved in this work can fluctuate, depending on the sober home or apartment you have chosen. Every location follows its own set of rules, and some – like SAL – don’t even formally require residents to complete chores, although cleanliness and organization are encouraged.

6. Enforced Curfew

Almost all sober apartment homes enforce a curfew at night, as this is common practice. The temptation to abuse alcohol and drugs can be worse at night, so these rules protect residents from relapsing.

7. Friendships Are Encouraged, But Boundaries Are Enforced

While platonic friendships are encouraged within the community, certain sober homes – including SAL – may enforce boundaries to prevent these relationships from distracting residents and inadvertently causing setbacks in progress. 

Some of these sober living home requirements may involve visitor limitations & guidelines, as well as overnight guest bans completely. You can read what SAL requires below.  

Requirements for Our Sober Apartment Living Community


For the most part, Sober Apartment Living Community (SAL) enforces a majority of the rules listed above, holding certain expectations for the residents.

Some of our sober living home requirements include:

  • Prohibiting alcohol & drugs on the premise.
  • Requiring our residents to pay their bills on time.
  • Expecting residents to attend our weekly house meeting.
  • Enforcing a curfew (Sunday – Thursday: 10 pm & Friday/Saturday: 12 am) and preventing visitors from overnight stays.

And because of these rules, SAL can go above and beyond to provide a truly unique experience, unlike other sober living environments. Keep reading to discover how our community differs from others, or get the full story from this blog post.


Beyond restricting certain behaviors, SAL encourages residents to truly thrive by…

  • Helping them find work.
  • Getting them involved in volunteer opportunities.
  • Planning regular, fun sober social activities.
  • Creating opportunities for friendships to grow.
  • Enlisting the help of a truly caring and passionate staff.
  • Providing outlets for expression – including workshops, yoga, and more!

While our main focus is sobriety success and a long-term recovery journey, we just really love that we’re able to build connections with people and help them achieve their goals.

Ready to Live by Sober Living Home Requirements & Find Long Term Recovery?

We’d love to talk to you about our sober living community in Scottsdale, AZ! Get in touch with our team today to talk details.

How Does SAL Compare to Other Sober Living Places?

Sober Living Resources

If you’re looking for a sober environment to help with your recovery, you’re doing the right thing.

This is a big step, and we want you to feel completely prepared for what’s to come. To get a better idea, we’ve outlined some of the most popular FAQs about Sober Apartment Living (SAL) and how it compares to other sober living options below.

Let’s get started!

FAQs about Sober Apartment Living

What are the rules?

Just as you would expect, SAL prohibits alcohol and drugs on the premise in addition to restricting access to these items. Certain limitations on medication are also in place, as these may not be beneficial to an individual’s recovery.

As an added support, however, SAL does require its residents to attend weekly meetings onsite and encourages further groups or treatments from external medical facilities, if needed. Because SAL is not a treatment facility, we don’t offer those services ourselves.

Other sober living environments may be different, however! Some actually do offer counseling, treatment, or recovery programs in order to  keep a closer eye on the residents with additional involvement and accountability.

There is no right or wrong way to do sober living, so make sure you look for a place that gives you what you need in order to be successful.

How much does sober living cost?

Price comes up often when discussing FAQs about sober apartment living – and it’s definitely important to consider! But as a nonprofit, SAL works hard to keep monthly fees at a reasonable rate, so residents can afford them and receive the treatment they need.

For example, rent at SAL can range from $625 – $790 per month*, depending on the specific floor plan. And because many enter a sober living apartment without employment, our staff provides career assistance to help people get back on their feet.

Many sober living options are similar in that way, as they recognize that full recovery includes financial independence and money management. However, job and career help is not guaranteed at every sober home or apartment.

Even more so, prices can fluctuate from place to place. For some, costs may align with the housing market in the area and match the general cost of living, making them more expensive.

*(prices subject to change)

How do I pay?

Payment at SAL is simple! You can use money order, cashiers check, Square, or PayPal to pay your rent at SAL.

Our team is very hands-on in helping residents find steady work, prepare for interviews, and hold a job. With our career assistance, many feel confident that they can pay rent each month. This additional onsite help can be key to keeping up with payments, and it is offered at many sober living options. Just remember that “many” is not “all” and most often insurance won’t cover your cost of sober apartment living.

Taking on the monthly fees is part of the sober apartment living process, so you’ll need to clarify what their team is willing to do for you before selecting a place to live. With a career assistance and a steady job, payment shouldn’t be a concern.

Is counseling and treatment offered?

Not at SAL – we offer a sober living environment, but we do not provide medical treatment or counseling. Our residents are welcome to get this elsewhere while living with us, though!

As mentioned in our first FAQ about sober apartment living, each sober living place has its own rules, restrictions, and expectations. There are definitely sober living homes and communities out there that offer additional support through counseling and meetings, if that’s what you need.

If you’ve undergone treatment, your treatment facility can provide recommendations based on your current state of recovery and your specific needs.

How long can you stay? 

While SAL does not limit the time of your stay, we do ask our new residents to undergo a 30 day trial period to ensure they can meet our community guidelines.

After a bit of research, you’ll find that this practice is common in many sober living homes, as well as the unlimited stay. Recovery is a personal journey, and we want to make sure our residents have all the time they need without pressures to relocate before they’re ready.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not always the case. Some places do ask that you move on after an agreed-upon time frame. If that’s not what you need personally, you’ll want to take that into consideration.

Are the sober apartments coed?

Yes! At SAL, we house both men and women, but we take special precautions to keep the living areas separate. With certain limitations in place, we can encourage a coed community while establishing trust, safety and security amongst our residents.

Some places agree with us and follow similar protocols, but many sober living options are gender-specific.

Determine what works for you, so you can narrow down your search for sober living.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes! We allow visitors at SAL during the day, as long as they don’t spend the night.

In the same way, many other sober living apartments and homes do allow visitors, but they might restrict visits to certain days, times, or people. You’ll have to ask the actual community about their policy if this is important to you!

How do sober living places differ?

There are tons of places to choose from when looking for a sober environment, and only you and your treatment provider can truly gauge what will be the best for your long-term sobriety. If you’re interested in learning more about your options, we’ve outlined a couple of the most common types of sober living homes on our blog.

Still have more FAQs about sober apartment living?

Our team at SAL would love to help you find the right home. Get in touch to learn more!

Types of Sober Living Homes to Consider After Treatment

Types of Sober Living Homes to Consider After Treatment

When you get sober and enter into recovery, there’s a LOT to celebrate, and it’s okay to embrace the victory and pride that comes with clean living. It’s also important, however, to address the unknowns.

Some of these will be uncontrollable, but there are certain components of recovery that you can control – like your post-treatment living arrangements. Establishing the right home for yourself is an extremely important step to maintaining sobriety and starting fresh.

As you read through the different types of sober living homes below, keep personal preferences and professional recommendations in mind, so you can find the absolute best fit.

Let’s dive in!

Types of Sober Living Homes

Sober Dorms for Students

Students need sober living, too. In fact, four out of five college students drink alcohol, so exposure to substance and alcohol abuse is much higher in the college environment.

Sober dorms, however, are a great option for students who wish to live on campus and avoid the “party” scene. These dorms do not allow alcohol or drugs onsite, so students can focus on their social and educational growth.

While sober dorms do not offer treatment or staff supervision, they rely heavily on peer evaluation and university health and counseling resources. Depending on the school, they might even provide social events and programs to encourage sobriety.

If you’re a college student who has struggled with clean living in the past, sober dorms might be perfect for you! Of all the types of sober living homes, this may be the best match for the younger demographic.

Halfway House

Halfway houses are sober living environments designed to help people transition out of unstable situations (incarceration, addiction, or homelessness) and re-enter society.

Because each house serves a unique purpose and population type, the specific resources and support structures may vary, but the goal remains the same. These state-monitored homes create a structured environment by providing resources, accountability tests, and supervision.

Through custom services and support, these environments teach residents how to manage a healthy lifestyle after they’ve moved on, preparing and equipping them to live successful and sober lives in the real world.

It’s important to note that Halfway Houses usually limit a person’s stay, whereas other sober living homes do not.

Oxford House

An Oxford House is a sober living environment controlled by the residents, rather than a staff or management team. These sober homes are extremely common in the United States, as they put a lot of emphasis on peer support during recovery and do not require participation in any in-house treatment or recovery program.

Many Oxford Houses, however, do offer 12-step programs or classes to those who want them. For the most part, residents are focused on fulfilling household duties and chores, as well as paying rent.

Structured Sober Living

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive and hands-on sober living home, the Structured Sober Living Home might be the best fit!

Of all the types of sober living homes, this environment does require a little bit more from its residents. As a result, it can be an effective way for people to stay sober early in their recovery.

Often recommended or provided by an inpatient treatment provider after completing the 90-day treatment, this sober home provides quite a bit of clinical supervision.

Many Structured Sober Living homes make drug screening, house meetings, and self-help groups/treatment mandatory, in addition to encouraging in-house services and 12-step programs. With a system like this people have easy access to the additional support and accountability they need.

Because this takes a more treatment-specific approach, it is sometimes covered by insurance.

Sober Apartment Living

While there are similarities between sober apartment living and the other options listed above, apartment style living has its own benefits.

For example, in a shared sober living apartment, residents can enjoy onsite management and support, career assistance, sobriety meetings, sober social events, and added privacy. This gives them the independence they need to grow and learn with support available when needed.

These sober apartments do not operate like a treatment center or provide clinical services, but they are an excellent transitional option for someone going from treatment to independent living. In addition to encouraging personal responsibility and upholding group accountability, many sober apartments show residents how to have fun in sobriety, too!

SAL, Sober Apartment Living, Co., is great at this, and their team plans sober social activities, events, and outings on a regular basis.

Which Type of Sober Living Home Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can answer that question! Make a list of what you’d like from your sober living situation and consult with your treatment facility before making any decisions.

There are so many different types of sober living homes available, so one is bound to check all your boxes.

If you’re interested in learning more about SAL, our sober apartment community in Scottsdale, AZ, you can read more here.

7 Reasons Living at SAL Offers the Best Sober Living Environment

7 Reasons Living at SAL Offers the Best Sober Living Environment

Sure, your recovery process will likely start with treatment, but eventually you’ll be moving onto the next step: adjusting to “regular” life again. Putting yourself in the best sober living environment is a great way to help with this transitional stage.

In case you didn’t know, Sober Apartment Living, or “SAL”, exists for this very reason.

Our community offers sober apartments for people who have recently completed treatment and are seeking a home that will support that decision. We focus on all facets of recovery – from career planning & financial responsibility all the way to having fun & enjoying life – so residents can eventually move-out with a newfound confidence in their sobriety.

Here are the top 7 reasons why SAL provides the best sober living apartments for those serious about recovery:

7 Reasons to Make SAL Your Sober Living Environment

1. There’s a focus on your mental & physical health.

Anyone who has experienced addiction can tell you that recovery is not just about giving up alcohol or substance abuse, but it’s also about rebuilding and understanding how to live a sober life without those things. Here at SAL, we give our residents time to recover mentally and physically, providing different outlets for various needs. This includes spiritual opportunity and a particular attention to general health and wellness.

Through regular in-residence meetings, for example, residents learn how to handle conflict and take better care of themselves. If they want to delve into it further or focus on physical stability, we also provide onsite fitness equipment, group discounts, and easy access to nearby health clubs.

2. SAL offers career assistance.

Here at SAL, we recognize that a healthy sober journey includes a steady job & solid work ethic. Coming out of treatment, many residents appreciate job search and career planning, as it helps them learn other valuable skills as well.

Recovery is so much more than just simply getting a job, but also keeping it and managing it well. One of the things that makes our sober living environment so great is the skill development sessions. These address topics like money management, credit score improvements, effective time management, and more.

3. Fun, sober social activities are happening all the time!

Staying sober is a lot of work and can require a ton of personal change, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Sure, we care about the more serious aspects of recovery, but also emphasize the need for a good time.

Residents enjoy regularly scheduled social events that allow them to build friendships with other sober residents and rediscover the “fun factor” that is so critical to lifelong sobriety.

4. SAL offers affordable, modern living.

Just because you’re looking for sober living apartments in Scottsdale, AZ doesn’t mean you also have to sacrifice comfort and luxury.

Our apartments at Sober Apartment Living are tastefully furnished, offering recently remodeled units for a top-tier living experience – WiFi and utilities included! Not to mention, they’re extremely affordable.

5. The sober living environment prepares you for real-world living.

It’s fair to say that most sober living homes and apartments are not intended as permanent residences, but merely stepping stones toward sober futures. However, the transition between sober living and independent living can be difficult without the right preparation.

That’s why we create an experience that is realistic to most post-treatment living situations. We want you to thrive on your own, so our community allows you to grow toward this goal.

6. Community is everything.

When it comes to recovery, we cannot emphasize community enough, both in leadership and in peers. Knowing that you have that support system to encourage you and keep you accountable is so important to lasting sobriety.

Because of that, we do our best to create a community at SAL in a few different ways. Not only are residents rooming with other like-minded individuals, but they are meeting and interacting with trained, on-site managers who are successfully navigating recovery themselves.

7. Structure is maintained.

Here at SAL, we put specific rules in place to keep your safety and sobriety a top priority. The structure is helpful for many who are still navigating life after treatment, as it always ensures a sober living environment.

Why SAL?

If you’re looking for a sober living environment that focuses on your recovery, but also on your future – this is it. SAL supports the sober journey, but it also gives people the resources they need to move on.

Get in touch today and learn how you can make SAL home.

What are sober living homes?

Sober Apartment Living Pool Area

Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires hard work, patience, and support. Oftentimes, however, progressive steps can become unclear after initial treatment.

How can you return to your old life when you’re trying to build a new one with better habits & behavior?

That’s where transitional resources come in. These are meant to help people get back to independent living, providing support, structure, and opportunities to grow along the way. One of the most effective transitional resources? Sober living homes and apartments.

We’re here to answer all your questions – including “What are sober living homes?” and “How are sober homes and apartments different?” below.

What are sober living homes?

Generally speaking, these are completely sober home environments for people who have completed treatment. They can look a little different, place to place. When researching sober living homes in Scottsdale, you’ll want to make sure you pay close attention to the actual living accommodations and services provided.

How do sober homes and sober apartments differ?

While some are traditional sober living houses, at Sober Apartment Living, Co. (SAL) we offer an apartment style living experience. The biggest difference between the two options is the level of sober support available to residents.

Unlike many sober homes, at SAL, we offer community support, sober social activities, experienced on-site staff, structured living tasks, and career planning in an apartment (vs a shared house), as our focus is on the overall health and recovery of our residents, helping them get back on their feet and adjust to real-world living.

It’s important to note, however, that Sober Apartment Living does not typically offer any kind of rehabilitation, counseling, or treatment. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to provide affordable sober apartment living in the early stages of recovery, so people can readjust to independence over time – all within a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Sober Apartment Living Expectations

Now that you know what sober living homes and apartments are, you might have some more specific questions about the way they operate.

For the most part, sober homes and sober apartments in Scottsdale are shared with other residents to help with accountability.

Rent for Sober Apartments

Rent can fluctuate quite a bit when it comes to sober living options, so it’s best to analyze cost on a case-by-case basis and compare it to what you’re getting for the price. As a non-profit, SAL makes affordability a top-priority.

At Sober Apartment Living, Co. we offer job skill courses and support, so residents can learn how to manage their money and expenses.

Living Arrangements

Because every sober living home is different, they will probably offer various living arrangements. You might see some that are closer to an apartment style and others that look more like a shared group home.

Sober Apartment Living, Co. offers fully furnished 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units, but they are shared with roommates. After you research, “What are sober living homes?”, make sure you dig a little deeper to discover what their living arrangements are, so you know what to expect.

Resident Expectations

One of the best parts of sober apartment living? It’s more than a place. It’s an environment meant to encourage growth and recovery. For that reason, your sober apartment community might have higher expectations of you than a typical apartment community.

To name a few, you could be dealing with structured schedules, weekly meetings, required community events, chores, and work expectations. The good news is that most staff members are there for you every step of the way. They understand that this is a learning process and want to see you succeed!

Why choose sober apartments instead of sober homes?

While you might have originally been wondering, “What is a sober apartment home?”, it’s likely you would benefit more from the hands-on approach of a sober apartment community.

When you make a major life decision toward sobriety, it can have a huge impact on the way you operate day-to-day. Choosing a sober apartment after rehabilitation treatment is a great way to re-discover your independence and raise your standard of living.

The community is on the same page as you, and they’re going to encourage you to keep going!

If you’re looking for a sober home or sober apartment in Scottsdale, you should always seek professional advice and do your research. Your treatment center will have recommendations as well as your local resource center, physician, therapist, and even friends.

Sober Apartment Living, Co. is a great option for those seeking a fresh, sober start to their lives, and our current and former residents will be the first to share their testimonials! If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch.

Currently, we are only open in Scottsdale, AZ, but have plans for new locations nationwide.