What Are Some of the Most Common Sober Living Home Requirements?

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Day to day life looks – and feels – very different after treatment, but that doesn’t mean independent living is an unattainable goal. It just might take some time and effort to get there! Finding a great sober living environment is key to successfully navigating this transitional time between addiction and sobriety for a couple reasons.

  1. It provides the support and resources necessary to learn how to live sober on a regular basis and be content in that.
  2. It gives people time to adjust to new lifestyles and habits during recovery.

You should know, however, that there are strings attached. Most sober homes and apartments have rules and restrictions in place to help the residents succeed during and after their stay.

Here are some of the most common sober living home requirements to note:

Common Sober Living Home Requirements (& Why They Exist)

1. No Alcohol or Drugs Onsite

This one doesn’t really need much explaining, but it is the most important rule to follow. The restrictions against drugs and alcohol often impact other overlooked items such as medicines, products, and items kept in the dorms/houses.

Keep in mind, that most places conduct drug tests onsite to ensure this rule is followed.

2. Bills Are Paid On Time

Even though residents may be paying for previous medical care or treatments, they are still required to pay their monthly bills on time and in full. Late payments are not tolerated in most sober living homes and apartments, and a late payment may cause a resident to be asked to leave.

The severity of these rules is not meant to punish, but instead, to instill financial stability and money management skills. At the end of the day, however, each sober housing staff will handle payments in their own way – including SAL. If this is a concern for you, we always recommend speaking to a representative and learning the specifics for each sober apartment or home. 

If you’re interested in learning about SAL’s payment policy, you can get in touch with the team to discuss.  

3. Residents May be Required to Work or Volunteer

In lieu of the monthly payments, many residents are required to work at some sober homes or living places – whether that be a job or a volunteer position, pending their circumstances. (See below for our processes at SAL.)

This gives them a sense of purpose & routine, while simultaneously providing a source of steady income, in the case of employment.

 4. Regular Meetings

This particular rule of house meetings, amongst other sober living home requirements, is often encouraged for continued recovery support. Not every place will require the same frequency or attendance record, but the meetings are required at most locations all the same.

5. Chores & Responsibilities

Focusing on common household chores and responsibilities can help residents learn accountability in the home & respect for others in a shared space.

The time and effort involved in this work can fluctuate, depending on the sober home or apartment you have chosen. Every location follows its own set of rules, and some – like SAL – don’t even formally require residents to complete chores, although cleanliness and organization are encouraged.

6. Enforced Curfew

Almost all sober apartment homes enforce a curfew at night, as this is common practice. The temptation to abuse alcohol and drugs can be worse at night, so these rules protect residents from relapsing.

7. Friendships Are Encouraged, But Boundaries Are Enforced

While platonic friendships are encouraged within the community, certain sober homes – including SAL – may enforce boundaries to prevent these relationships from distracting residents and inadvertently causing setbacks in progress. 

Some of these sober living home requirements may involve visitor limitations & guidelines, as well as overnight guest bans completely. You can read what SAL requires below.  

Requirements for Our Sober Apartment Living Community


For the most part, Sober Apartment Living Community (SAL) enforces a majority of the rules listed above, holding certain expectations for the residents.

Some of our sober living home requirements include:

  • Prohibiting alcohol & drugs on the premise.
  • Requiring our residents to pay their bills on time.
  • Expecting residents to attend our weekly house meeting.
  • Enforcing a curfew (Sunday – Thursday: 10 pm & Friday/Saturday: 12 am) and preventing visitors from overnight stays.

And because of these rules, SAL can go above and beyond to provide a truly unique experience, unlike other sober living environments. Keep reading to discover how our community differs from others, or get the full story from this blog post.


Beyond restricting certain behaviors, SAL encourages residents to truly thrive by…

  • Helping them find work.
  • Getting them involved in volunteer opportunities.
  • Planning regular, fun sober social activities.
  • Creating opportunities for friendships to grow.
  • Enlisting the help of a truly caring and passionate staff.
  • Providing outlets for expression – including workshops, yoga, and more!

While our main focus is sobriety success and a long-term recovery journey, we just really love that we’re able to build connections with people and help them achieve their goals.

Ready to Live by Sober Living Home Requirements & Find Long Term Recovery?

We’d love to talk to you about our sober living community in Scottsdale, AZ! Get in touch with our team today to talk details.